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SCM Bihar: Revolutionizing Food Distribution Through IAESCM



The food delivery system in Bihar, a densely populated state in India, is being improved. The Food and Consumer Protection Department of the Bihar government oversees the IAeSCM, which aims to ensure that essential supplies reach the populace efficiently and on time.In this article we will discuss about the SCM Bihar, its features that the portal offers, Overview of the dashboard, process to scm bihar gov in login etc.

SCM Bihar: An Overview

Supply Chain Management in Bihar is most likely referred to as SCM Bihar. The Food and Consumer Protection Department of the Bihar government is in charge of the IAеSCM. The program aims to improve and expedite the distribution of essentials, ensuring that the public receives them in a timely and efficient manner. The phrase “scm bihar” could refer to the supply chain management system used in the state of Bihar.


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DepartmentFood and Consumer Protection Department
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Features Of SCM Bihar

The Integrated Aadhaar Enabled Supply Chain Management (IAеSCM) in Bihar is equipped with several useful characteristics that guarantee the smooth operation of the food system. These are the major aspects of IAеSCM:

  • Aadhaar Integration: To ensure that the supply chain functions more effectively, scmuses Aadhaar, which functions similarly to a special ID in India. In addition to ensuring that everyone receives what they’re meant to, this aids in finding the proper people.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: This technology continuously monitors the supply chain. It monitors the locations of food preparation, serving, and receiving. This aids in solving issues promptly.
  • Allotment Optimization: IAESCM bihar assists in distributing the appropriate quantity of food to the appropriate locations. This ensures that there is fairness and prevents the overindulgence in eating.
  • Depot Management: IAeSCM guarantees that the food is ready to be delivered on time and that the storage locations are in acceptable condition.
  • PMGKY Participation: IAESCM bihar supports a program that provides meals to those in most need. This guarantees that the appropriate people eat without having to wait a long time.

Components Of SCM Bihar Dashboard

Once you have enter into the website you will find Different option in the dashboard,Given below are the option present on the dashboard are:-

  • Allotment: SCM makes sure that the appropriate number of necessary items are distributed fairly by ensuring that they end up in the proper places.
  • Depot: An efficient supply chain depends on effective management. IAESCM-bihar ensures that depots function efficiently to reduce delays in the delivery of products for distribution.
  • PMGKY: IAESCM bihar actively participates in the national initiative PMGKY to ensure that individuals in need receive their fair share of food assistance.
  • MDM: Scmbihar assists in making sure schoolchildren receive the food they require by ensuring meal deliveries are made on time.
  • Distribution/Ro: Individuals may easily obtain the food goods they require without any difficulty thanks to IAESCM-bihar, which includes distribution and retail outlets.
  • VTS: The Bihar government’s dealer challenge deals with trucks and vehicles that transport commodities in real time. Being accountable, lowering the likelihood of theft, and guaranteeing safe conveyance are all made easier by this.

Steps To SCM Bihar Gov In Login

After you learn about the website,its features now its to scm bihar gov in login, just follow the given below step to enter into the website are:-

  • Go to the official website.
  • Once on the website, look for the “Login” option from the dashboard and choose it.
  • Once you click it, a new page will load and you will be required to provide personal information such as: USERNAME, PASSWORD.
  • After accurately filling out the form, input the captcha code, and then click the 

Steps To Check The SCM Bihar Gov In Dealer Challan

After you have login successfully logged into the account and now search to check scm bihar gov in dealer challan then you need to follow the given below steps : 

  • First visit the official website 
  • Once you are into the website search for “Depot” option and click on it.
  • After that, you can clicked on that you will see various category opened from which you need to select the “Dealer Challan” option.
  • Then to know the scm bihar gov in dealer challan you need to few basic details like: Month, Year, District, DEPOT, FPS, SIO pds bihar.
  • Once you have fill all the details, you get the Dealar challan status on the display.By follow this simple step you can easily check the SCM BIHAR GOV DEALER CHALLAN.

Steps To Check SCM Bihar PDS Dealer Margin Money New List

Once you have enter into the website and you are looking for the scm bihar pds dealer margin money new list, then you need to follow the given below steps are:-

  • First visit the official website 
  • Once you are into the website search for “Depot” option and click will show all the category under the Depot from there select the “PAYMENT DETAILS MONTH WISE” 
  • After you have click the option you will be sent to the scm bihar pds dealer margin money new list and to view the details you simply need to enter few details like: Month, Year, SIO Type.
  • Once fill all the details click on the “GET DETAILS” and you will get all the details of the scm bihar pds dealer margin money new list

Steps To Check Scheme-wise Allotment Abstract 

Following are the steps to check scheme-wise allotment abstract :

  1. To check the results you have to open any of your preferred browsers on your device.
  2. On the browser search for the official website and go on it. 
  3. When you visit the official site you will find the option of scheme-wise allotment abstract on its dashboard. 
  4. After that, Click on it and it will redirect you on a new page in which you have to enter the year and month. 
  5. After filing the information, tap on the status and then it will show you the abstract from the given year and month on a new redirected page. 

Guide To Check SIO Status Bihar 2024

Once you’ve gone through this Bihar Government Initiative and want to check SIO Bihar status through this portal. Then, below given steps can be followed:

  1. Search for through your web browser.
  2. You will see status checking form on IAeSCM.
  3. Enter details like District and depot.
  4. Now, choose month of which you want to check status.
  5. After this, portal will load complete list on the screen.

SCM Bihar Statistics For The Month Of January 2024

The SCM Portal keeps track of monthly statistics for all kinds of crops. The following are the December statistics:

  1. Shops and Transactions: There are several stores in IAeSCM where agricultural transactions take place. A significant number of transactions occurred in January 2024. This large figure indicates that an increasing number of people are depending on IAESCM bihar for their agricultural transactions. It’s a huge help for streamlining supply chain activities.
  2. Dispensed Commodities – Rice and Wheat: When it comes to getting essentials like rice and where they need to go, IAeSCM-bihar is vital. It processed 18952.207 metric tons of rice and 82647.436 metric tons of wheat in January. These figures demonstrate how effective IAеSCM is at handling significant volumes of agricultural products..
  3. SIO Dispatch and Rеcеipt: One important metric that shows us how the IAESCM-bihar system is operating is the Supply Input Output (sio pds bihar). Moreover, As of January 2024, the numbers appeared favorable: SIO Dispatchеd: 83174, SIO Rеcеivеd: 77694.


SCM Bihar demonstrates the government’s dedication to improving the lives of its residents via efficient and transparent supply chain management. You may also view the most recent dealer margin money list for SCM Sio pds bihar on their website. Additionally, Bihar sets the benchmark and leads by example using technology and Aadhaar-enabled processes.

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