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Marioo: Biography, Career, Education, Songs, Girlfriend, and Net Worth  




Omary Ally Mwanga, born on December 31, 1995, and widely recognized by his stage name Marioo, is a multifaceted Tanzanian artist. He is a gifted singer, songwriter, musician, and poet. He was reared mostly by his grandmother in Kibiti District throughout his formative years. He was born in Temeke, Dar es Salaam. Today, Omary resides in Dar es Salaam, where he passionately crafts, performs, and unveils his creative works, predominantly encompassing the genres of bongo flava and Kiswahili amapiano music. In the year 2022, Omary’s exceptional talent garnered him an impressive trio of Tanzanian Music Awards, marking an accomplishment achieved through 7 nominations.

Profile Summary:

  • Original Name: Omari Mwanga
  • Artistic Alias: Marioo
  • Date of Birth: 1995
  • Place of Birth: Kibiti, Pwani
  • Current Age: 27 years (as of 2022)
  • Astrological Sign: Libra
  • Parentage: Omari Mwanga
  • Occupation: Vocalist, Guitarist, Lyricist
  • Label Affiliation: Unaffiliated with any record label
  • Citizenship: Tanzanian

Who Is Marioo Molina?

Omary Ally Mwanga, born on December 31, 1995, is a Tanzanian singer, songwriter, poet, and music producer professionally known as Marioo. 

Born in Temeke, Dar es Salaam, he later relocated to Kibiti District to reside with his grandmother. Presently, Omary resides in Mikocheni, Dar es Salaam, where he engages in the creation, performance, and release of predominantly Bongo Flava and Kiswahili Amapiano music. In 2022, he secured three Tanzanian Music Awards out of seven nominations. Rolling Stone magazine recognized Mario by placing him 39th on its list of the top 40 Afropop songs of 2022.

On December 9th, 2022, He unveiled his inaugural album titled “The Kid You Know.”

“The Kid You Know” album received commendation from NotJustOk and Tanzanian music journalist Charles Maganga, who hailed its establishment of Mario as a prominent Bongo Fleva star. Maganga praised his versatility, noting his exploration of diverse musical genres like Amapiano, Afrobeats, and R&B while staying faithful to his Bongo Fleva roots. 

In May 2023, He launched the Deluxe Edition of “The Kid You Know” album. At present, there are reports of him being in a relationship with Paula, who happens to be the daughter of the renowned super producer P Funk Majani and Kajala.


Childhood Life of Marioo:

In 1995, He came into the world in Kibiti, Pwani, a region of Tanzania. He underwent his early education following the Tanzanian curriculum and successfully finished his primary school studies. Nonetheless, his journey took an unexpected turn when he left school after a brief period in form one, owing to challenging circumstances. Subsequently, he found himself in his uncle’s workshop, where he received guidance in the art of repairing motor vehicles. 

Career of Marioo 

Before embarking on his musical journey, He held a position as a welding technician in Dar es Salaam. Fate brought him in contact with a significant client during his work, a meeting that ultimately led him to a recording studio to pursue his musical aspirations. Nevertheless, the outset of his career was fraught with challenges, with financial constraints looming as the most formidable hurdle.

In 2017, he marked his debut in the music industry with the recording of his inaugural single, “Dar Kugumu.” The song, which was later released in January 2018 under Instinct Records, instantaneously struck a chord with audiences and rapidly gained widespread recognition throughout Tanzania.

During the same year, Mario exhibited his prowess as a songwriter, crafting a series of chart-topping hits for various artists. Notable tracks include “Wasikudanganye” by Nandy, “Nampa PAPA” by Gidy Money, “Nabembea” by Ditto, “Homa” by Lulu Diva, and “PAMBE” by Christian Bella.

Continuing on his creative journey, he has subsequently unveiled a string of singles such as “Bia Tamu,” “Chibonge,” “Unanikosha,” “Inatosha,” and “Ya Uchungu.” His compositions frequently draw inspiration from real-life experiences. For example, the song “Chibonge” garnered widespread appreciation for celebrating women with plus-size figures. Mario elucidated, “I felt compelled to shed light on the other side of the coin. While many songs exalt the so-called hourglass figures, the truth is that curvaceous women also possess beauty worth celebrating.”

At present, Mario operates as an independent artist without affiliation to any record label.

Notable Tracks

  • Aya
  • Kongoro
  • Unanikosha ft. Skales (Remix)
  • Asante
  • Tikisa
  • Mama Amina
  • For You
  • Sokoma
  • Wow
  • Beer Tam ft. Tyler ICIJ, Visca, Abbah Process
  • Mi Amor
  • Te Quiero
  • Naogopa ft. Harmonize (2022)
  • Dear Ex (2022)

Awards received by Mario Molina 

  • In 2020, he received a nomination for The Beat New MVP at the Sound City Awards.
  • The following year, in 2021, he secured a nomination for Best Newcomer at the All Africa Music Awards.
  • Also in 2021, he claimed victory in three categories at the Swahili Fashion Awards: Stylish Music of the Year, Song Bongo Flava, and Male Artist Bongo Flava.
  • Moving into 2022, he garnered a nomination for Composer and Melody at the Tanzania Music Awards.

Relationship Status:

Mario was previously dating Mimi Mars, the younger sister of his ex-partner Vanessa Mdee. Presently, Mario is unattached and not engaged in an open relationship. Furthermore, he is not presently married.

Marioo’s Net Worth

Hailing from Tanzania, Mario stands as a noteworthy artist with an approximate net worth of $100,000. His financial accomplishments stem from his multi-faceted career as a musician, lyricist, and music producer. His collaborations with eminent talents in the country have significantly contributed to his net worth. 

Mario’s Presence on Social Media

Despite his recent entry into the music scene, Mario has swiftly etched his name in the industry. His music videos have garnered substantial admiration on platforms like YouTube and others.

In the realm of social media, He maintains an active presence. To stay connected, you can follow him across various platforms:

  • YouTube Channel: MariooOfficial
  • Instagram: @marioo_tz
  • Facebook: @thisismarioo
  • Twitter: @heismarioo


Marioo’s journey, starting as a young boy fueled by a passion for music and culminating in his status as a celebrated Tanzanian artist, is a story marked by unwavering determination, innovation, and relatability. His remarkable ability to connect with audiences through his music underscores the universal language that music truly represents. As Marioo continues to create and evolve, his enduring impact on the Tanzanian music scene remains deeply significant

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mario’s real name?

His real name is Hamisi Mwinjuma.

When did Mario release his debut single?

Mario released his debut single, titled “Dar Kugumu,” in the year 2018.

Which record label is Mario affiliated with?

Mario is signed under the Tanzanian record label BONGOLAND.

What are some of Mario’s well-known songs?

He has delivered hit tracks including “Ya Uchungu,” “Raha,” and “Inatosha.”

Has Mario received any awards?

He has both garnered nominations and secured awards, notably the Tanzania Music Awards and the African Entertainment Awards USA.

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