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Thiramala. Com: A Comprehensive Look Into a Cinematic Classic



Malayalam film Thiramala, directed by Vimalkumar, is a well recognized film. Not to mention the cast and well-known tunes, the movie is highly recognized.  You will learn about the Thiramala. com cast, a detailed synopsis of the movie, technical specifications, and some interesting trivia about the movie in this post. Therefore, for all the details, read the full article.

Known About Thiramala. Com

Thiramala. Com, the 1953 Malayalam film directed by Vimalkumar, stars Sathyan, Kumari Thankam, Thomas Burleigh, Ponathil Sivadas, and Prabha as its principal cast members. The movie holds a special position in Malayalam cinema history. Additionally, Ramu Kariat helped with the film’s direction. Moreover, singer Lakshmi Shankar, from Hindustan, recorded a song for the film. Also, the movie included many endings, which were unusual at the time and were shown in various parts of the state of Kerala.

Highlight Of Thiramala. com

Show nameThiramala 
CastKumari Thankam, Manuel Sathyaneshan
CrewPRS Pillai (Director), Vimal Kumar (Director), Vimal Kumar (Music Director)
GenresDrama, Romance
Release Dates01 Jan 1953 (India)
Malayalam Nameതിരമാല

Cast Of Thiramala. Com

www.thiramala. com

The following lists the names of every cast member that appears in the film:

  • Sathyan
  • Kumari Thankam
  • Thomas Burleigh
  • Miss Chandani
  • Kumari Kalyani
  • P. Bhaskaran
  • Sasikumar
  • T. N. Gopinathan Nair
  • Chandni (Old)
  • T. N. K. J. Thomas
  • T. S. Muthaiah
  • Kumari Prabha (child artiste)
  • Adoor Bhasi
  • Baby Valsala
  • Ponathil Sivadas

Summary Of The Movie

The movie was based on the short story Sholey by T. N. Gopinathan Nair, for which he wrote the screenplay and played a significant role.

Childhood sweethearts Venu (Thomas Berleigh), the son of ferryman Panikkar (P. Bhaskaran), and Lakshmi (Kumari Thankam), the daughter of local landlord Kurup (T. N. Gopinathan Nair), were paired together. Their love grows despite father Kurup’s wishes. Additionally, Kurup succeeded in convincing Lakshmi to wed Vijayan (Sathyan). Venu moves out from his village to take a job as a server in a big city hotel.

Lakshmi suffers because of Vijayan’s immoral lifestyle. Arriving at the hotel where Venu works are Vijayan and Lakshmi. Venu was compelled to remain silent while Vijyan and Lakshmi’s marriage broke down.

Hotel dancer Swapna Latha seduces Vijayan. At last, he loses all he has. With remorse, Vijayan leaves the city to find Lakshmi. After making his way back to the hamlet, Venu finds Lakshmi in a challenging circumstance. During a violent storm, Venu helps Lakshmi wait to be transferred over the flooded river. Just as he watches Lakshmi cross the river safely, Venu is thrown into it and drowns.

At the time, it was relatively rare for a movie to be screened in many locations across the state of Kerala, each with its own unique climax. In the Malabar region, the film ends happily with Venu saving Lakshmi from the storm and giving her to Vijayan. Moreover, the final scene of the film shows Venu’s lifeless body washing up on the coast in the southern part of the state.

Technical Detail Of The Film

The movie’s technical specifications are shown below.

  • Film Type:Feature
  • Language:Malayalam
  • Color Info:Black & White

Facts About Thiramala. Com

Few facts about www.Thiramala. com are given below:

  • A song for this movie was recorded by famous Hindustani vocalist Lakshmi Shankar.
  • Along with a few musicians and technicians who became well-known in the years that followed, www thiramala com developed sophisticated orchestration.
  • T. N. Gopinathan Nair, who also wrote the screenplay and had a significant role in the movie, is the author of the story “Choondakkaran.”
  • With varying endings, the movie was screened in several regions of the state.
  • Music experts consider the movie to be Malaya’s debut musical success.
  • Additionally, of the thirteen tracks in the movie, the most were parodies of well-known Hindi songs.
  • Renowned director Ramu Kariat served as an assistant director on this film.


Thiramala. Com” (1953), a landmark film in Malayalam cinema history, with a sumptuous orchestration and notable figures including director Ramu Kariat and Hindustani vocalist Lakshmi Shankar. Based on a brief story, the film’s unique many climaxes made it both a musical milestone in Malayalam cinema and a new attempt at cinematography.

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